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2959 Andrews Drive

2959 Andrews Drive

Lewis 'Buck' Crook

The same year that Philip Shutze came to Hentz, Reid and Adler, Lewis "Buck" Crook (1898-1967) also joined the firm, becoming Neel Reid's favorite draftsman and accompanying Reid on a sketching tour of Europe in 1922.

In 1923, Crook and another Hentz, Reid and Adler architect, Ernest Daniel Ivey, formed their own firm, Ivey and Crook, going on to design and build a distinguished list of Buckhead and Atlanta homes and buildings.

Ivey was older, had been out of school longer, and was well suited for management and sales. His standards for quality of work and materials were extremely high, and his temperament was legendary among local vendors and contractors. He also is credited with founding the Department of Architecture at Georgia Tech.

Crook's designs maintained strong ties to the Southern vernacular architecture of Thomas Jefferson, fusing Greek and Roman proportions and details and echoing Crook's travels in Europe.

Crook's trademark became the classical revival single-story or story-and-a-half Southern home.

To learn more about Buck Crook and his impact on Buckhead and Southern architecture, visit the Buck Crook Web site. In photos and text, this site traces the work of one of Buckhead's great architects.

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