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Willis Jones House,
520 West Paces Ferry Road

Hentz, Reid and Adler

The architectural firm that included at one time or another Hal Fitzgerald Hentz, Rudolph Sartorius Adler, Neel Reid and Philip Trammel Shutze was responsible for many of Buckhead's most famous homes. Strongly influenced by the American Renaissance, a movement that started with the American Centennial in 1876 and celebrated the arts of early America, Hentz and Reid (later Hentz, Reid and Adler, then Hentz, Adler and Shutze) designed some of the finest houses ever built in Georgia. Outstanding examples of their work in Buckhead include:

  • English-Chambers House (1930), 426 West Paces Ferry Road
  • Carr House (1939), 3820 Northside Drive
  • Willis Jones House (1920), 520 West Paces Ferry Road
  • Dickey House, "Arden," (1917), 456 West Paces Ferry Road
  • Childs House, "Whitehall," (c. 1930), 3425 Tuxedo Road
  • Rhodes House, (1926), 542 West Paces Ferry Road
  • Smith House, "Fairleigh," (c. 1930), 3407 Tuxedo Road
  • Maddox House, 3665 Tuxedo Road
  • Kiser House, "Knollwood," (1931) 3351 Woodhaven Road
  • Goodrum House, (1929), 320 West Paces Ferry Road
  • Nunnally House, (1933), 291 Valley Road
  • Additions to the Jackson-Alsop-Arnold House (1911/1914), 490 West Paces Ferry Road

Jackson-Alsop-Arnold House, built as a summer cottage in 1914 and renovated and expanded by Hentz, Reid and Adler, 490 West Paces Ferry Road

English-Chambers House,
426 West Paces Ferry Road

Goodrum House, the 'Peacock Mansion,' 320 West Paces Ferry Road, now the Southern Center for International Studies

Dickey House, 'Arden,'
456 West Paces Ferry Road

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