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A drive-thru art gallery? Not quite, but this is even better

Visitors to Atlanta know this unique gallery, as do scores of Lenox area office workers and culture fans, but many Atlantans haven't discovered the ArtWalk at Lenox Square. Located in the Promenade, which links Lenox Square shops with the J.W. Marriott Hotel and office complex, ArtWalk is a great place for strolling and enjoying art at the same time.

Art by Hannah Miller, age 6
Art by Hannah Miller, age 6, a first- grader.
If you have shopped at Restoration Hardware on the Main Level at Lenox, you are almost there. Take the Promenade toward the hotel.

In collaboration with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network (including their Goodwin Agency and the Bullock Group), ArtWalk is joining the Georgia Family Council in presenting "Celebrating the Holidays."

The Family Council conducted a contest in which youngsters illustrated their ideas of "Favorite Ways to Spend Time with My Family." Not all of the entries depicted holiday settings.

From hundreds of works received from students in kindergarten through grade 5, 90 finalists were chosen. From those, 21 grand prize winners were selected. These are the examples that will be on display through January 7.

For more information on this heart-warming show, call ArtWalk curator Marianne Lambert at 770-435-5180 or Angie Hillman of the Georgia Family Council at 770-242-0001.

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