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The Best of Buckhead: Beverly Bremer Silver Shop

" 'It's all junk,' laughs Beverly Bremer, a tall, ageless blonde with a warm sense of humor." -- Southern Living Magazine, September 1997

When Buckhead Revisited interviewed "The Silver Lady on Peachtree Road," she confirmed making that remark. We confirm that she is a tall, imposing, ageless blonde, and her sense of humor is legendary. We challenge, however, the reference to her stock-in-trade as "junk." If true, she is the first human to convert dross into gold, something man has been attempting to pull off for centuries. 

Beverly Bremer Many of us recall the early days when Bremer launched her business from behind secondhand counters and showcases in a month-to-month leased space at an old Piedmont Road multi-dealer market where the Lindbergh MARTA station now stands and where a new shopping/residential/hotel complex will soon take shape.

Many Atlanta entrepreneurs had their beginnings there, but none with such success as The Silver Lady.

We asked: When the Lindbergh Station complex is opened, will Bremer forsake her Peachtree Road location for old times' sake and relocate to the fancy digs? Not likely. Her shop at 3164 Peachtree is a Buckhead landmark.

Bremer and her dedicated disciples save Buckhead clients countless hours seeking replacement silver patterns and helping restore and complete valued family collections. And that's just part of her business.

The Silver Shop is an oasis for those in need of wedding, anniversary and baby gifts. Her small magazine ads bring daily orders and inquiries from around the nation. She once told this reporter that her New Yorker "Missing Pieces?" ads alone kept her business afloat in the beginning.

The shop is the Atlanta source for the "Top Ten Flatware Patterns."

Inside the shop
Photos courtesy of J.A. Wright & Co.
In a glowing tribute to her more than 20 years' silver marketing expertise, metal-care products manufacturer J.A. Wright & Co. published a handsome brochure calling her the "Silver Belle" of the South.

Included in the brochure was a bit of silver history: Did you know, for example, that the beautiful "Repousse" pattern by Kirk was introduced in 1828 and is the longest continually produced American flatware? Or that "Chantilly," introduced in 1895 by Gorham, has been the most popular pattern?

Bremer is an authority on Chantilly, having published three original catalogs on the pattern. In 1905, Gorham reintroduced "the new Chantilly," perhaps setting a precedent for Atlanta's Coca-Cola, which rechristened its most popular product as the "new" Classic cola. Bremer claims no credit for publicizing this marketing strategy.

She does credit much of her success to the knowledgeable, loyal, customer-friendly staff she has assembled. In a private aside, with a wink and in typical good humor, she insisted that most of the early Silver Shop attendants stayed with her because of the shop's proximity to the White House restaurant, another Buckhead landmark.

Longtime Bremer-watchers and shoppers know that this is only partly true. While she does seek out competent associates, her real secret is that she inspires her staff. No order is too small for full attention, and no customer is any more important than another, even though the shop is frequented by an array of the rich and famous.

At a dinner honoring Stanley Marcus' 92nd birthday, Bremer was overheard to remark that his "Minding the Store" is a well-read volume in her personal library. Her Silver Shop clientele is evidence that no merchant minds the store with more panache and energy that the tall, ageless, blonde Beverly Bremer.

For more, visit www.beverlybremer.com 

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