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Peachtree Hills at Kings Circle Greenhill's Grocery, Lindy's
Where the Peachtree Hills neighborhood is bisected by busy Peachtree Hills Avenue, a neighborhood grocery, antiques shops and restaurants are clustered at the intersection with Kings Circle.

The Peachtree Hills Apartments complex across the street was an award-winning early example of International Style modernism. The apartments were designed by Stevens & Wilkerson and built in 1938.

Just down the street is the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, or ADAC, home to some of the finest interior design firms in the Southeast.

Antiques Classic door
Some of the shops and businesses at Peachtree Hills-Kings Circle include:

Axis Twenty Inc., 200 Peachtree Hills Ave., (404) 261-4022

Daddy's Money, antiques for all occasions, 10 Kings Circle

Jeff Littrell Antiques & Interiors, 178 Peachtree Hill Ave., (404) 231-8662

Peachtree Hills Coin Laundry and Cleaning, 174 Peachtree Hills Ave., (404) 237-3634

Phillipe's, continental restaurant, 10 Kings Circle, 404-231-4113

Travis Antiques & Interiors, 12 Kings Circle, French antiques and furnishings, (404) 233-7207

Tree House Restaurant, 7 King's Circle, (404) 266-2732

Modern flair at Axis Twenty
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