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Car and palms wallscape
R. Thomas Deluxe Grill
1821 Peachtree Road
Photo courtesy of R. Thomas
Visual Arts - Buckhead - Atlanta, GA.
Over the years, artists have turned blank brick walls in Buckhead into an outdoor gallery. Some favorites were fleeting, victims of changing businesses. Others have survived and weathered with time. Some were signed, others were anonymous. Some artists were paid for their work, others worked with spray paint and without permission.

Oddly enough, both types of artists have gained recognition over the years. And some graffiti artists once considered vandals have gained recognition in the legitimate art world. In fact, graffiti painters rated an exhibition at the City Gallery at Chastain hosted by the Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs.

The debate keeps Buckhead's art scene lively and challenging. 

Pool dogs
Buckhead Pool Hall, 30 Irby Avenue. For more than 50 years, the pool hall has been a storied hangout for students, professionals, cabbies, police and politicians. Opened in 1946 by James Lunsford, later owned by Gene Loudermilk and now by Mike Dowdle, it is the oldest bar in Buckhead. One of the most popular commercials in Europe for Levi's jeans was shot there, as were parts of a video on baseball legend Hank Aaron and numerous music videos. Minnesota Fats, one of the best pool players who ever lived, played there in 1957.
Bird wall
Fellini's Pizza
2809 Peachtree Road
Film wall
Formerly at 2263 Peachtree Road
Library wall
700 Miami Circle
Library wall Library wall
World Bar wall
Bolling Way behind World Bar, 3071 Peachtree Road
Heavens wall
Texas style
Rib Ranch
25 Irby Avenue
Fado wall
Wall mural on side of Fado
3035 Peachtree Road
Urns Wisteria
Fellini's Pizza
2809 Peachtree Road
Metal characters
At the old site of Oxford Books,
360 Pharr Road
van Gogh scene
At the old site of the Beer Mug,
1705 Peachtree Road
Garden wall
Formerly at Bilthouse,
414 East Paces Ferry Road
Cactus and coyote UFO
Formerly at Piedmont Road at Morosgo Drive
Elvis wallscape
Chrome Thunder, Roswell Road just north of Peachtree-Roswell split.
Wallscape Bolling Way
Bolling Way
behind Tongue and Groove,
3055 Peachtree Road
Formerly on Buckhead Avenue
across from Ida Williams Library
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